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terms and conditions

Booking & payment


Written confirmation by email or otherwise is required to make a booking.


To secure the booking a deposit of £50 is due in advance of the session, this is then subtracted from the total cost of the order on completion.


Please note that payment of the deposit is taken as confirmation of acceptance of Doting Dad Photography's terms and conditions.


The deposit is fully refundable if the photographer fails to attend the session or the client is not happy with the quality of the images (not the content). 

The deposit is not refundable if the client fails to attend a session without sufficient notice, or especially in the case of children, if the subject(s) fail to ‘perform’ on the day. Every effort will be made however to reschedule a session to avoid a non refund, at the photographers discretion.

For sessions that are booked to be at an outside location the possibility of bad weather is 'sometimes' an issue. I always keep a keen eye on the forecast and if it looks like being a problem and there is no indoors alternative, then a mutually convenient date will be arranged to reschedule the session.


Full payment of the balance of the session fee plus the cost of any additional products is required prior to the order being despatched. A full invoice will be supplied on request.

Additional expenses

Occasionally there are unavoidable additional expenses (mostly travel related) involved in the course of a session, which may need to be taken into account when thinking of possible locations.

The cost of parking and Congestion Charge are not included in the price of a session and will be added to the final balance, should either be applicable on the day of the shoot.

Admittance charges for locations will also be charged in addition to the session fee.

Depending on total distance (remember it's there and back), any bookings outside of a 10 mile radius of my base in N16 may also be subject to a 50p per mile charge. Or the full return price of public transport to the location.

I will try to establish in advance what the total cost of any additional expenses will be and let you know beforehand. However this will only be a guide and as in the case of parking it obviously depends on the duration of the session.

Any such expenses added to your balance will be recharged at the cost price to me, (with the exception of motor milage). 


Gift vouchers


Vouchers are usually purchased for either a weekday or weekend session. However if desired vouchers for higher values can be bought, with the remaining balance of the voucher offset against the cost of additional prints and products ordered. The minimum amount for a gift voucher is the current weekday session fee (including any promotional discounts). Any promotional offers or discounts apply for the life of the voucher unless otherwise specified.

Payment for gift vouchers must be in full, only once payment is received will a voucher be deemed 'active'.


Vouchers are fully refundable for a period of 30 days from the date of ordering, this is to take into account being unwanted by the recipient. After this period any refund is at the discretion of Doting Dad Photography. Unless clearly specified there is no expiry date on a voucher, but for periods over 6 months the value relative to the time of purchase may have decreased. Any refunds are payable only to the original purchaser. Vouchers donated as prizes for charitable events or competitions will be subject to a strict expiration date.

Weekday vouchers can be upgraded to the weekend/bank holiday value at any time. The additional cost can be paid in advance of the session or included in the final order total.

Likewise weekend vouchers can be 'downgraded' and used for weekday sessions. However the balance in value can only be redeemed against the cost of additional prints and other products, not as a refund.

Gift vouchers are supplied as a printed card and/or as an email attachment. The printed voucher is sized at 10x15cm and intended for inclusion in your own choice of greetings card (not supplied). It is also possible to customise some of the text on the voucher to incorporate your own personalised message if desired.


Normally I take a £50 deposit to secure the date for a session booking, however gift voucher bookings work slightly differently. As the fee is already paid for I will obviously commit to the agreed date for the session. However if you wish to cancel or rearrange that date, for whatever reason, I do ask for as much notice as possible. Last minute cancellations or failure to attend could result in an additional £30 rebooking fee.

I hate having to include that as a clause and use my discretion to make every effort to reschedule where possible but weekend bookings in particular are popular and in limited supply.




Terms of use & copyright


It is understood Doting Dad/Daniel Halpin Photography needs no prior consent to use or display any images taken in his portfolios, literature, exhibitions, website, social media, competitions and advertising. Permission is usually sought in advance of any images being used on social media and any objections are generally honoured.

No further use of the images will be made by the photographer for any other commercial reason except with the specific written permission of the client.


The client may not use, allow to be used or reproduce any of the images created by Doting Dad/Daniel Halpin Photography during the course of a session for any commercial purpose without prior consent. Any agreed commercial use will be subject to standard market rates and billed accordingly in addition to the session costs.


Copyright of all images remains the property of the photographer. Any images or copies of images whether stored digitally or otherwise and any computer program including any source or object code, computer files or printed documentation relating to such images are protected by the Copyright and Design Act 1988. It is contrary to the Act to copy or allow to be copied photographically/electronically or by any other means an image created by Doting Dad/Daniel Halpin Photography without prior permission in writing.

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