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frequently asked questions....

How much?

Please take a look at the price list and also any special offers that might be running at the time of booking.


How do we book our photoshoot?

Initial contact by email is preferred, I have a terrible memory so having everything in writing means I'm much less likely to forget details. Give me an idea of roughly when you would like (a few different options is always helpful if possible), who will be involved and any ideas on where you'd like to do the pictures. I will check dates and get back to you with my availability.

Please bear in mind weekends are popular so the more advanced the booking the more chance there is of getting your preferred date.

To secure the booking, confirmation by email is required and a deposit of £50 is requested in advance of the session.


How do we pay?

Payments for both your initial deposit and then the subsequent session balance and final order are both made via separate emailed online invoices with secure card payment links. The deposit invoice is sent after confirming your agreed date for the photoshoot and secures the booking. A second invoice is sent once you have made your final order and includes payment for the balance of the session fee.


Where does the session take place?

This is very much your choice but family photo shoots usually take place at your home or in local parks, gardens or woodlands but could just as easily be further afield. I always have lighting with me so if the weather isn't condusive to being outside we can base the session around your home or set up a background.


How long does it take?

There is no clock watching and no time limits to sessions, each one is different and is usually governed by the energy, patience and enthusiasm of the children involved. As a rule though 2 hours is about average for a family session with two adults and two/three kids. It is also worth bearing in mind 'Home Studio' sessions with lights and backdrop require around 20 minutes to both set up and then pack away.


Who can be involved?

The children are often the main focus on the day but for family portraits everyone is encouraged to join in. The standard session is based on two adults and two/three children but grandparents and even family pets are welcome to get in on the action.

Please advise me of numbers when booking the session.


What should we wear?

This is probably the most asked question and my reply is always the same...whatever you are comfortable in.

Superhero outfits and princess dresses are always welcome and if the kids want to dress up as well they can! If you all wear matching outfits or have a colour scheme that's fine by me, though there is a risk of it looking a bit like a family uniform.

From personal experience, I know my own kids love to reminisce about their favourite old items of clothing when they look back at photos of themselves.


When do we see our pictures?

You will be sent a link to your online proof gallery within 10 days of your session. However more often than not you will already have had the chance to view the pictures as I shoot them on the day, either on the back of the camera or time permitting, downloaded to my laptop.


How many pictures will there be?

Again there is no set answer to this question, you should expect at least 60 but more likely upwards of 100. I normally will include some black and white examples of my favorites as well as the origional colour shots but any or all can be converted if desired.




These are a few frequently asked questions but if there are any answers you can't find on my site or if you have any special requests please feel free to get in touch or give me a call, I'd love to hear from you.



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