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"Once again these are genius! You've captured their personalities so well and managed to craft some real Granny melters! 

Thank you so much - your immense talent is hugely appreciated."


"Newpark Childcare - Islington,London -

These sessions are aimed at nurseries that want to offer parents a quality, professional service.


Nursery photo's are often a childs first 'formal' portrait and the start of a series of pictures that most parents and especially grandparents love to collect throughout their school years.


However as a parent myself I know only too well that some school pictures can be awful! In that respect my goal is a simple one; to produce beautiful individual portraits of each little character, preferably with a big smile. It can take a while to bring some children out of their shell but with a little coaxing and a lot of patience even the shyest end up performing like stars, with most thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Arrangements will be tailored to suit your individual requirements. For maximum attendance the timing of the session can be split over multiple days, ensuring no one misses out. I realise this approach can add to the disruption of my being there but it also avoids the event becoming a production line, helping to make sure all the children get as long as they need without being rushed. Happy kids means better pictures which equals happy parents.


As a general rule nursery sessions are done with a white background 'studio' set up. I take a lot of pictures and try to ensure there are approximately 5 shots of each child that are presented to the parents.

Once the pictures are ready the parents receive a proof card with with details of how to place their order. 

I use an online ordering system. Each child's pictures are displayed in their own individual, secure, password protected web gallery. Orders and card payment are placed directly through gallery so the nursery is relieved of any additional worry or work by not having the responsibility of collecting orders and payments.


There is no fee to pay from either the nursery or parents and no advance commitment other than your time. There's also no hard sell, the pictures do that job for me. I offer simple, value for money options, if a parent only wants to purchase one picture they can (though rarely do).

As a thank you to the nursery I produce an A3 poster print with pictures of every child which look great framed in a reception area or office.

Additional services I offer are staff head shots and content photography, for use on web sites and promotional literature. 


Please contact me for more information or if you would like to discuss you specific requirements.

"I'd like to take the opportunity to congratulate you on the pictures - they are lovely and our relatives

were so happy to receive them. I cannot believe that my son Luigi was so keen to be photographed!" 

Parent from Nursery session - Barbican, London.

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