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newborn, baby & toddler photo sessions

Newborn photography at home | London
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Home baby photo session
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Doting Dad - Baby photography
Doting Dad - Baby photography
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Doting Dad - Baby photography
Doting Dad - Baby photography
Doting Dad - Baby photography
Doting Dad - Baby photography
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Doting Dad - Baby photography
Doting Dad - Baby photography
Doting Dad - Baby photography
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When is the best time for newborn and baby photo sessions?

The simple answer is....any time! I have had the pleasure of being asked to take photos of newborns and babies from just a few days old through to first birthdays. There is no one size fits all but at every stage during those first months there are key moments that will work for you and make for great pictures you will treasure. 

"We wanted to get some family photos with our 5 month old daughter, and we were so lucky to find Daniel! It was really easy to organise the photo session with him, and he even gave up his Sunday afternoon to come to our home for it. Daniel was really amazing on the day with our daughter, and we couldn't be happier with the photos - he is very patient and very skilled and managed to get some lovely shots of our daughter. We're so delighted with everything, we would definitely ask Daniel again when we have another baby".
Olga - Crouch End, London. (Google review)
Newborn and baby photography, family photography.

Planning your baby's photo session...

All babies are different as are family circumstances but here are a few suggested key ages that usually work particularly well when planning a family photoshoot with your new baby.

7-14 days
This is generally accepted as the best time to get the true 'newborn look'. You've had a chance to settle after the new arrival, the baby's had a chance to adjust to its new world and relax a bit, their skin will generally be looking better as well.

6 weeks
Baby is more alert, engaged and starting to smile.

3 months
Smiling and laughing, holding head up and generally more animated.

6 Months
Starting to sit unaided, more sociable, starting to play with toys and explore things.

9/10 months
Crawling and holding themselves up.

12 months
Personalities are really starting to show, taking first steps and easily engaged.

So which age is right for you?

For Newborns I'd suggest aiming for either 7-14 days or 6 weeks depending on how you and the baby are getting on. However circumstances don't always allow or suit everyone in those early weeks, in which case I recommend waiting until either 3 months or my particular favourite age, 6 months.  

My approach to newborn photography

As with all my portrait photography I like to keep things simple and focus on the subject, it's no different when I'm doing portraits of a newborn or baby. Natural photographs in your everyday surroundings are my preference. I don't use props, elaborate sets or outfits for newborn sessions. There are plenty of photographers who do but personally I'm not in favour of tucking your baby into a bucket in an unnatural pose! Having said that, I am of course more than happy to use the special blanket that granny crocheted or incorporate anything else that holds sentimental value for you. 

It's all about family

A newborn photo session is not just about the baby. I encourage the whole family, mum, dad and any siblings to be involved as well, even pets are welcome to join in!

Family photo, baby, parents, and older child.
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